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This action wipes all FIDO credentials on the YubiKey, including FIDO U2F credentials, and removes the PIN code. To get.
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  • You can tell if you’re locked out if your PIN retry counter value looks something like: $ gpg --card-status | grep PIN.
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    Destructive PIN reset requires access to the corporate network.

  • Accessing administrative functions.
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    If it's the first time changing your PIN, please check the "Use default" checklist.

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    I try this with my Yubikey 5c (with gmail, via a usb C->A adapter; twitter doesn't support multiple keys) and I am not prompted.

  • The YubiKey PIV Manager provides various settings which can be used to customize its behavior.
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    Insert your security key into the USB port or tap your NFC reader to verify your identity.

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