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Jun 28, 2017 · Purchase Your Balcony Dog Potty Today! If you’d like to purchase our pet potty grass, we encourage you to pick your plan for purchase. There are lots of options for an outdoor dog potty area, but a DIY project has a major advantage over the others because it gives you the ability to customize every single aspect of your project to fit your needs.
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  • After the lining is well laid, go ahead and pour the soil over it.
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    Lay down a sheet of pond liner under the sandbox to protect your balcony floor.

  • Drainage.
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    Balcony Dog Potty Ideas.

  • Simply spread a layer of gravel on top of the ground cover.
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  • Simply spread a layer of gravel on top of the ground cover.
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    Simply layer a ceiling grate over this tray & add fake grass on the very top.

  • See on Amazon.
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