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1. As a side note, I have also been testing a self-compiled build with pr #10302 on the steam deck (prior to #10398 was released) and there no crashes happened, since the memory was being collected more aggressively it seems.
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    I've detailed how to disable rEFInd on numerous occasions,.

  • Seriously though, the steam deck being open like they made it means lots of developers who can't get on the Switch will make the Deck their full-time home.
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  • May 22, 2023 · The memory on the steam deck fills up extremely quickly while using any compression method and leads to harsh stutters.
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    Download your yuzu EA appimage and place it in the folder, make sure to rename it from yuzu-ea-3592-whatever.

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  • The VRAM shouldn't be filling as quickly as it does and maxes out.
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    If the mod data location won’t op.

  • You should see the system folder, where you can put your prod.
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    Reproduction Steps.

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    None of my solutions is syncing the save states.